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Timely access to targeted diagnostic results

Differentiating bacterial from viral infections quickly, especially in kids, is a challenge for even the most experienced healthcare professional. Distinguishing the source of lower respiratory tract infections or an unusually high fever is equally as difficult, which is why making an accurate diagnosis based on the symptoms alone is often hit-or-miss.
LIAISON® MeMed BV® quickly differentiates the bacterial or viral etiology of an acute infection to help clinicians expedite patient management and treatment decisions, particularly for emergency and urgent care patients. Because more precise information leads to better decision-making.


Antibiotic misuse impacts care and treatment effectiveness:

Antibiotics use in the United States: Progress and opportunities – 2018 Update, Center doe Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Antibiotic overuse1

Kornblithet al. Predictors for under-prescribing antibiotics in children with respiratory infections requiring antibiotics (2018)

Antibiotic underuse2

When it comes to acute infections, borderline lab results and clinical uncertainty are often a leading cause of antibiotic misuse.
Worse still, the overuse of antibiotics can increase the development of drug-resistant pathogens with potentially harmful consequences for the patients, the healthcare system and society.

Diasorin® and MeMed® are helping meet the challenge of antimicrobial resistance

LIAISON® MeMed BV® is an advanced solution for quickly and accurately differentiating between bacterial and viral infections

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